Logging/syncing emails sent from my alternate email address

  • 3 November 2021
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I have just been emailing back and forth with a prospect.  Important info to track with these emails.  Unfortunately, I realized that I emailed the prospect with one of my alternative emails.  Thus, this email thread does not show up in the prospects file.  How do I bring this email exchange into my Prospect’s file on Copper?

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Any chance someone from Copper could chime in on this? If it’s an email alias from within your inbox, can it still sync into Copper?

It would be cool to be able to add “email aliases” to your Copper user account, even just for the sake of logging the email into the system.

I swear sometimes I feel like it does sync in an email that I’ve sent from an email alias, but I’m also not totally sure how that works. I have invited my email alias as a separate user for the time being in my environment (but only because I had an extra license that was unused), would love to better understand how this works on the technical end.

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Hi @hftm, you have a several of options here which I’ll list below.


Options 1 would work best if you have a lot of previous emails to sync.

Option 2 and 3 are best if you need to sync them on an ongoing basis.

Options 4 and 5 would work best if this is a one-time thing.


Options for syncing correspondence from another email address:

  1. Add your additional email as a user to your Copper system. As Alex mentioned, this works well if you happen to have an unused license. The benefit is this will automatically sync any emails with contacts for the past year. If you want, you can add it, let the sync run, and then remove it.
  2. You can add a Copper mailbox address into the auto BCC of your other email. This will automatically sync any emails sent to the prospect from that email in the future. To do this, go to Settings > Personal Preferences > Email Settings & Templates > Copper Mailbox and copy the email address there. Then add it as an auto BCC in your non-Copper email address.
  3. Add your other email as an alias. This essentially means that emails to/from your secondary email are forward to your primary email. Here’s more details on how that works.
  4. You can manually Relate those email correspondences using the Chrome extension. First, forward the correspondence from your other email to the email that’s linked with your Copper account. Then open it in that email and click the Copper icon within the email - this will give you a Relate To option so that you can attach the email to a record in Copper.
  5. Last and also least, you can manually log an activity in those records by copy and pasting the email contents.



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@alex I don’t have the full details on how the alias syncing works on the technical side of things. But you can check out this article for more details.

Your idea of adding alternate emails into Copper strictly for email syncing purposes is quite interesting. Sounds in line with an Idea we received a little while ago. If you’d like to help push it along please give it an upvote or event a comment: