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  • 22 January 2022
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Hi there - any other Coda users here in Copper land?

I use both platforms extensively and am currently developing an integration between the two. It will live as a Coda “Pack” (like a plug-in) that will let you work with your Copper records in Coda and extend Copper’s functionality.

If you’re unfamiliar with Coda, it’s a really awesome document platform that also lets you build app-like features. Think Airtable/ - an easy-to-use database system with the ability to spin up great UIs in minutes.

It’s not quite ready for public release yet, but if anyone is interested in taking it for a spin and giving me feedback, let me know and I can invite you to the beta!

6 replies

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Hi @nickhe, this is really interesting! What will the integration do? Will is pull data from Copper records into a Coda Doc?

I’m going to share this thread with some of our product folks in case they want to discuss further with you. :ok_hand:

I’ve never used Coda but it sounds super interesting. I might play around with it :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Michelle from Copper! There are two main ways it can pull data from Copper into Coda:

  1. Syncing all of your Copper records into Coda as a table. You would have a table for People, one for Opportunities, etc. (and the tables have working references in between them, based on Copper relationships)
  2. Enriching an individual record in Coda (e.g. feed it an Opportunity ID or URL, and it will pull in all the rich data from the Copper record)

Coda can also use the integration to push updates back to Copper records.


Some example use cases:

  • Docket numbering system - for example, the 15th project from early 2022 might be #22015. We use Coda to generate these numbers, and stamp them into a custom field in Copper (as well as into other various other systems we use throughout a job’s lifecycle)
  • We manage invoice approval flows through Coda, and we can do that while still using Copper as the source of truth for which opportunities have been Won (and will eventually need invoicing). Also helps for end-of-year reconciliation to ensure nothing was missed.
  • Deep diving into short-term biz dev projects without cluttering Copper. For example, if you wanted to manage a customized client holiday gifting program, you could project manage it in Coda while relying on customer & prospect data from Copper (and feeding just the key info back into Copper, like “Tier 2 gift sent”).

Basically it’s a way to work with your Copper data in spreadsheet form, and connect Copper to other Coda-supported services and business processes.


If you end up taking Coda for a spin, DM me the email address you use on Coda and I’ll add you to the pre-launch beta. And happy to chat with product folks as well.

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And we’re live!

Coda 3.0 launched today with support for 3rd party Packs, and the Copper Pack was included as part of the launch.

Copper Pack for


You can check out the details and take it for a spin here:

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@nickhe that’s awesome! I’m going to send that link and that gif to the product team. From first glance it looks really cool.

By the way… can I ask what program you used to make that gif? 👀

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Thanks @Michelle from Copper !

The GIF is hand-rolled I’m afraid, no quick solution there. I spend my evenings cooking up SaaS integrations, and during the day I run a video production company that uses them :wink: 

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@nickhe that’s awesome! I think I’ve seen some of your Raptors commercials.

I see you guys are based in Toronto - hello from Mississauga! :wave: