having zapier pull new people with a specific tag in Copper into a Google Spreadsheet

  • 25 January 2023
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I have created a Zap to have new entries into a google spreadsheet go into mailchimp. Now, I would like to have new people with a specific tag be automatically added to that google spreadsheet. I also need to only have the first name, last name and email go into the spreadsheet and not all of the categories listed in copper.

3 replies

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If you use the data to sync to MailChimp, you better look at the out of the box integration with MailChimp. It automatically syncs your contacts with MailChimp. In a few weeks you may expect an upgrade where you can control the contacts that will be synced. Read more here:


Hope this helps

Thank you, I will take a look as I would only want contacts with a specific tag to go into Mailchimp at this point

@Cathy Muldoon did you ever solve this? I’m trying to write a zap for tasks with a specific tag but I can’t get the filter to recognize the tag in the test record.