Google Sheets Copper Extension Automation

  • 15 December 2022
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We leverage the Google Sheets Copper Extension for a lot of our different reports.  Is there anyway to get that extension to run automatically without human interaction.  We would ideally like it to fire every night.  Right now we have to trigger it manually.  Any support is much appreciated!

5 replies

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Pretty sure it has to be ran manually unfortunately. Would be cool to be able to set an auto-sync x often, though I'm not sure Copper is investing addition resources into their Google Sheets x Copper sync tool.

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Hi @Jagatelife, thanks for posting! @alex is correct; we don’t currently have a way to schedule automatic data refreshes through our Google Sheets add-on. We have an open Idea for that already, so if you’d like us to @mention you on any updates then please leave an upvote in this Idea thread.

Depending on what you’re reporting on, our Looker Studio connector might be a good option. It automatically refreshes data about every 12 hours. But, you would have to rebuild your report within Looker Studio and  also check that everything you want to report on is possible in there.

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If it's just for reporting purposes, does the native Copper reporting work for you? (The new reports, not legacy reports). It's a bit of work to get set up how you'd like it, but once set up, it will auto-update the data and can even be emailed via PDF to your team members on a regular cadence.

Hey Alex, I’m trying to use the Looker Studio Connector, but getting this error message when loading the template. Any adivce?


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Hi @Mariette, after you load the template you will need to make a copy of it and connect your own Copper instance as the data source. There are full instructions here, but I’ll give you the key points below.

Select “Make a copy”
It will ask you which data source you want to use. Select “Create data source” (note: you only need to do this the first time you set up a Looker Studio report.
Search for Copper and select it.
Click Authorize. You’ll then get a window asking you to authorize/sign in.
Enter your Copper email and an API key
Select the record type. If you’re using the Leads template, select Leads. If you’re using the Opportunities template, select Opportunities. Then click Connect.
Click add to report
It’ll bring you back to the template, where you can now select Copper as your data source.

Hope that helps!