Fetch an Activity by ID API Endpoint - Email Body Content

  • 1 February 2023
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I have successfully obtained email activity via the Fetch an Activity by ID API endpoint. However, the Details element in the API response only contains the email activity subject content and other email header info e.g 
{"emails_details"=>{"sender"=>{"name"=>"xxxxxxxxxx", "email"=>""}, "recipients"=>[{"email"=>""}], "subject"=>"Email Question", "id"=>313147071}, "emails_date"=>1521594115}

Where do I access the body content of the email activity?


Best answer by Michelle from Copper 1 February 2023, 15:18

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Hi @Zachary Caputo, thanks for posting! Our API only provides the sender, recipient, and subject -- not the body of the email. So you wouldn’t be able to fetch the email contents through the API or Copper in general. Depending on what you’re looking to do, you could export the emails from Gmail.

@Michelle from Copper - could you please have a representative or a dev team member reach out to me via email about another issue we are receiving with the API?

We are getting an error 500 when pulling activities, which is blocking us from progress.