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  • 21 October 2021
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Has anyone had success integrating Copper with Eventbrite to track attendees? I imagine you could use Zapier but wondering how difficult that would be to set up. 

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@Erin Thanks for reaching out.  I don’t have any experience with Eventbrite, but it looks like you can trigger an action on a “New Attendee Registered” or a “New Attendee Check-in”.  Based on either of those actions, you can insert or update Copper depending on your specific needs.

You could check to see if the person exists as a Person or Lead and if they don’t exists, you could create them as a New Lead or Person.  If they do exist, you could update that Person or Lead with information about the event.  This playbook walks you through an example the lookup / update / insert within Copper - although this playbook starts with a Google Form - it could be started by an Eventbrite trigger - 


If you just wanted to automatically create a Lead (or Person) for every Eventbrite trigger, this playbook can walk you through some steps (it starts with a Jotform, but could be triggered by Eventbrite - 


Hope this helps!