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  • 17 August 2021
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I am using the API for a few things today w/o trouble.

I am trying to add a count of the # of email-opens per customer.

I find that the email_open_tracking_api call is not documented in the developer guide.

I watch the browser, it calls /companies/ID/email_open_tracking_api/lookup?tracker_id=ID, and, it has a cookie set, _ALI_session_v3=ID'


where the first ID == my company id, the second is a tracking id (?) and the 3rd is ?


My question is… How do I do this query programatically? It appears that each user in my company has a different tracker_id, and, I cannot figure out how to create the _ALI_session-v3. The API key does not work for permission (more specifically, i get a NOT found error, not a permission failure).


Or, rephrase, is there an alternate solution? I would like to be able to have a field to sort by to show ‘which company has the most email opens in trailing 5 days’ (and same by People i guess).


I am not interested in the specific emails opened or other detail, just a count across.


Suggestions on how to proceed?


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Hi @donbowman, unfortunately email tracking is not available in the developer API. There is not a field that keeps count of email opens, so that metric unfortunately not reportable.

The developer API is a subset of APIs used build Copper, which is why it wasn’t found. These other APIs are for internal use only and not available to customers.