date_modified - What is the format to use this via the API?

  • 19 July 2022
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Our response now includes date created, date modified, last contacted, and interaction count. To get inactive days, subtract TODAY-last contacted. - Can’t find any documentation beyond this.

Anybody know the format for this?

Using this in postman


"date_modified": 1656096072


Gets this error



"success": false,

"status": 422,

"message": "Invalid input: Validation errors: Base: Unrecognized attributes specified: date_modified"


2 replies

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Hi @Stickman, I’m actually not sure so let me ask my team! I’ll comment here when I get an answer.

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Hi @Stickman! So, here is what our team said:

You cannot search date_modified. You have to use minimum_modified_date and maximum_modified_date. Attempting to update will produce a "success" but will not change anything.


If you need more details or help troubleshooting, you can reach out technical team through the in-app chat. I wish I could help more, but you’ll be in good hands with our technical folks!