Copper Thinks My Alias Is Another Person

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I’m using my email alias as my primary email. I’ve set Gmail to send as my alias. However, my Copper account is set up under my primary email address. So when emails are synced, it sees my alias and thinks it’s a different person and not me and wants me to add my alias as a person/contact. 

How can I add my alias to my account so my alias also shows as “Copper User”?


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Hi @DanThor, thanks for posting! I’m going to put you in touch with our technical team - they’re in a better position to look at your exact setup. You’ll get an email from our system, followed by a reply from one of our product experts.

I wish I could help more but you’ll be in better hands with someone who can look at your setup in more depth. Absolutely feel free to post about anything else that comes up! 🙂

For anyone else who stumbles on this thread - please get in touch with our technical support team using the messenger icon in the web app.

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+1 on this, realizing it now as well on our end. Our team has basic email aliases set, but Copper treats them as totally separate users.

Bummer, would be nice to have more email alias support, or the ability to let Copper know what email addresses are an alias, so that it can at least group them to the respective Copper user.

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We have the same situation at our company.  All employees have a few email aliases.  Since Copper does not recognize their alias emails, only their main email, it would be very helpful to be able to add the alias emails into each user’s Copper profile, just as you can add multiple email addresses for external Contacts. 

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@wtmcc, thanks for posting! You have an interesting point about adding multiple email addresses to a user. I just want to clarify, are the additional addresses you’re referring to true aliases (i.e. forwarding addresses) or separate Gmail inboxes?

Could you also tell me a little about what each alias is for? For example, does your company work under different names/brands? Or is it because each rep has multiple roles? I’d love to learn more so that I can speak to the product team about it.

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These are separate email aliases, not separate Gmail accounts.  We use aliases for two different reasons. 

First, to make it easier to give out our email addresses.  For instance, (main email) and (alias).  This is the main reason we use aliases.   

Another reason we use aliases is to routing different types of emails.  For instance we have a general email which is given out in certain situations/places but it is just an alias that goes to one person. 

These aliases have been in use for different reasons since we started with GSuite +13 years ago.  

As you know, Copper thinks each of these aliases is a different person since Copper Users are only allowed to have one email associated with them, unlike Copper Contacts, which can each have multiple emails.  

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For us, it's very much proper alternative email aliases, e.g. every team member of ours has a second alias that we all use for more public posting. Responses to those look like they are to the person, but they really go to our general sales inbox. So it's not uncommon that we'd want to send an email alias from Copper and have it logged outbound. There's countless use-cases where alias support would be helpful, since it really is ultimately the same person.

Wondering what @wtmcc has to say!

Edit: looks like we posted at the same time! Yeah so we're using it identically to wtmcc 👌

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I’m just looking at this suggestion again and see that the status is “Solved” yet our Copper environment still thinks that our alias emails are different people.  Did I miss something?

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@wtmcc In this case, the “Solved” label is from the fact that the original question from DanThor was addressed, not from any change in the way the system treats aliases.

We have an open Idea about handling multiple aliases and inboxes - I recommend leaving an upvote on that thread so that we can notify you if we have any updates in the future. At this time, I don’t have any update for you.

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I see that this Post is marked SOLVED, yet it is not exactly solved.  We are still not allowed to associate our alias emails with our users in Copper.  It is causing a lot of confusion and preventing Copper from recognizing actual new people on email chains that do need to be added into our Copper environment.

Ah, the joys of managing multiple email aliases - it can definitely get a bit tricky at times! In order to add your alias to your Copper account, you'll likely need to update your account settings to include both your primary email address and your alias.

@lambdawinner How do we update our account settings in that way?