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Our team uses Chargebee and Stripe for subscription payments, and there isn’t a very seamless connect between Copper and these two services. We’re looking to migrate our payment platform, but ideally I’d like to find one that works well with Copper and gives our team the ability to create subscriptions in Copper, generate invoices, access to TCV and MCV, and more accurate reporting. 


Does anyone have a good example of what they’ve integrated and how it’s worked? 


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Hi @tegand, thanks for posting!

For invoicing it’s common to use Quickbooks with Copper. We have a native Quickbooks integration but it really only provides visibility within Copper. It doesn’t allow you to do direct actions from within Copper (e.g. creating invoices)

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We’ve built some pretty cool integrations with QBO to automatically trigger the creation of an invoice upon hitting a certain stage in a pipeline.

When you’re getting into Stripe and Chargebee though, you’ll probably really only be having a 1-way sync from Stripe to Copper, to low when there has been an invoice/payment within the Copper activity section for example.

Working with subscriptions and connecting that in with the CRM is a bit tough though.

@alex thank you! 


Do you know if QBO handles subscriptions? Many of our customers are on month to month contracts, so that’s why we’d prefer the Stripe set up over QBO.

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@tegand I wouldn't recommend using QBO specifically for subscription management, something like Stripe is definitely more built for that use-case.

We use a mixture internally of Harvest (larger recurring invoices + one-off invoices) which syncs with QBO, and Stripe for smaller recurring subscriptions or small one-off payments (like a consulting session).

The truth of the matter is that none of it is really that seamless of an experience.

You're probably better off just continuing to use something like Stripe, and having a different process/flow for starting the actual subscription within say Stripe. But having payments log back over to Copper, maybe even a LTV field that updates in Copper each time a payment is made (on the company level record maybe).

You could automate the creation of the customer from Copper into Stripe for example with automation, but actually triggering the subscription, ESPECIALLY if you have many different subscription levels, will be difficult.

The cost-benefit of getting it all set up in that case probably wouldn't even be worthwhile.

I'd just say to use Stripe as your main reporting area and to go there to create the subscriptions. Couldn't Copper just trigger a task or something to be made for someone in accounting to actually spin up the subscription? Like could something like that be good enough?

Subscription payments and CRM's rarely play well together. We have ours strung together, but even with that, it just auto creates the customer in our payment software, we are going in the software to actually create the subscription, and we're an automation/integration company.

I'd just recommend doing something a bit less grandiose to make something like Stripe work tbh.