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  • 22 August 2021
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shows that i can list by:

  • age
  • minimum_created_date
  • maximum_created_date

I’m not clear what age is.

I’m looking to see rcompany ecords modified since (e.g. 1 day ago). There is a field `'date_modified'` in the companies record. But, there is not a min/max updated date in the doc.

Now, it appears that minimum_modified_date *does* work in the query, is this just an oversight in the doc?



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Hi @donbowman, we’re working on an answer for this. Hang tight!

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@donbowman “age” is how long a Company record has existed in number of seconds. Note, this is different from modification date.

Records can be searched by modification date, but our documentation needs to be updated to reflect this.

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ok thank you.