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Can team permissions be changed and if so, is there a delay for the change to take effect?


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Hey @Stephanie!

Care to go into a bit more detail for what you’re looking to achieve here?

You can change who is on what team and set them as a “member” or “manager” and the visibility permissions should be reflected immediately within the system.

Can’t help but wonder if that’s not exactly what you are asking though, care to elaborate a bit more? Happy to help get to the bottom of your question!

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Hi @alex,

Thanks for your reply.

I have set up my team permissions so team members can’t delete People.

Now I would like team members to be able to do so. I checked the Delete box in Team Access & Visibility and ask one of my team members if he could now delete a person but he couldn’t. I thought that maybe there is a delay!


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Ah! Got it 👌 any possible chance they are on multiple teams, one of which restricting to not be able to delete people?

(Even so, I'm pretty sure the higher level permissions gain priority over any restrictions set on other team, so the truth of the matter is that it shouldn't matter, just the only other thing I can thing to check while we wait to hear back from Copper's team).

Maybe someone at Copper like @Andrea from Copper can answer this as I know she's more involved with the permissions side of things as of lately! I'd be curious to know the answer to this as well as I'm surprised it wasn't fairly immediate tbh - though I don't think I've ever tested how long it takes to propagate through.


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Hi @Stephanie, can you confirm if your colleague is able to delete People now?

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Hi Michelle,


Yes he can. Thanks.