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  • 28 June 2022
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Would it be possible to change the “stage” automatically once a quote/contract was sent?

Thanks, Sandra

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Hi @Ruud, are you using another platform to send your quotes and contracts? Or are you sending them by email as PDFs?

Something like this might be possible through an automation tool like Zapier or our developer API. For example, if you’re using Quickbooks to issue estimates, you can set up a Zapier connection that says: when a new estimate is created in Quickbooks, find the associated Opportunity in Copper and move it to X stage. If you’ve never used Zapier before, I do recommend trying it - they have a free tier that works for a lot of use cases. Just make sure you check if your quoting platform connects to Zapier.

Our internal automation tool (called workflow automation) can change the stage of your Opportunity, but it can only do that based on information stored on that exact Opportunity. For example, you might have a field on that Opportunity called Estimate ID. When someone fills out that Estimate ID in Copper, our workflow automation tool can move that Opportunity to a certain stage for you.

Anyways, let me know about the platform you’re using and what you think of those two suggestions and we’ll go from there. Thanks Sandra!