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  • 3 June 2021
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Around 20% of our contacts are stale (people have moved companies).  How do we periodically (once a month) synchronize all our contacts with LinkedIn, so that their new company etcdetails are updated in Copper?  Doing this manually for 20,000 contacts is not feasible.  From what I understand Leadjet does this manually and the wrong way round (from LinkedIn to Copper; not automated and query initiated from Copper end into LinkedIn).

Is there a solution?


Best answer by Romain Ginestou 10 June 2021, 15:48

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Hi Adrian,


That’s a very key topic you’re raising here.

As you pointed out, Leadjet works in the a way that, if you visit the LinkedIn page of an outdated contact and click on the “Update” button displayed by Leadjet, the Copper information will be updated with fresh LinkedIn information from the contact’s profile page.


We are currently working on an update to automatically go through your Copper contacts database and identify who’s outdated. The update itself is still manual, from LinkedIn, because we are not an mass automation tool, but this process as a whole saves you the hassle of going through your entire CRM and having nothing to update 80% of the time + makes sure you get the last word about what contact to update.


Hope it clarified a bit your point!

Romain (CTO @Leadjet)