API to merge leads?

  • 4 October 2021
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Badge +4 has the API for leads.

However… it does not allow merging two leads (e.g. duplicates)

Looking at the network trace from the web UI, I can see we do a POST to'

where ###### is my company-id (e.g. my copper account id), and in the body:

{"ids":[ID1,ID2],"conflicts":{field: value, ...}

Is this correct? How come it is not exposed in the documented API?


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4 replies

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Hi @donbowman, great question! I’ve pinged our internal API experts for this question. They’ll respond here shortly.

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@donbowman the merge endpoint is not available to the developer API (aka documented API) due to inability to manage data conflicts between records. Within the web-app, the user is prompted of any conflicts and has to manually choose to which data to keep and which to delete. 

There are no plans of making this endpoint for the developer API. 

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to be honest this seems a bit short sighted . The API used by the web interface would have been fine if accessible w/ my token since it allows specifying which data to keep etc already.


it makes impossible to programmatically merge *identical* leads.


is there a workaround?

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There is unfortunately not a workaround at this time.