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  • 16 February 2022
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In the Copper UI if you go to /contacts/default (People view), you can show a column for “email”. 

In API responses, emails are listed as an array of email objects (each with an email address and a type).

How does Copper determine which email to select and display in the email column? How does it choose which email is to be considered primary? type=work? Email domain = company’s email domain? another metric?

I’d like to select an email to feature as primary in my app, and since the API doesn’t indicate which to choose, I’d like to try to match their process as closely as I can.


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Hi @nickhe, I spoke with one of our engineers and the primary email is assigned based on the type of email. It pulls in this order:

  1. Work email
  2. Personal email
  3. Other
  4. Uncategorized

If there are multiple emails addresses in one category, it pulls the first (earliest) email.

Hope that helps!

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@nickhe happy to help! Feel free to post any questions that might pop up.