API Integration with SendinBlue email program

SendinBlue is a very powerful and popular French-based emailing program.  They have integrations with several CRMs, but not with Copper.  Can you create an API for

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It's not likely that Copper would build a native integration because their partner company, Outfunnel, already has an incredibly deep integration with Sendinblue.

Check out their landing page here:

Outfunnel: Copper <> Sendinblue Integration

They have the best integration with Copper, they also enable lead scoring and other analytics making the integration with Copper deeper than you'd get with something native.

What’s the integration you are looking for?  You can build it yourself with Zapier or Make.

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Hi @BrianMcM, thanks for posting! Both @alex and @andres-at-connex are correct here - we don’t have a native (i.e. pre-made or pre-coded) integration with SendinBlue. I will let the team know you asked about it, but it is not likely that we will create it in the near future.

Alternatively, you could create your own integration.

The easiest way is with Zapier, which is a no-code automation platform. You could set up rules that say:

  • When a Person’s Contact Type in Copper changes to Current Customer, add them to the Current Customer list in SendinBlue
  • When a new Person is added in Copper, add them as a contact in SendinBlue

Those are just some examples. I like Zapier because it’s quite easy to set up connections on your own. Even if you do need help or want someone to do it for you, it’s usually more affordable than a full-on programmer.

If you do have access to programmers or a bigger budget, you could also create a custom-made integration using our open API.

Let me know if that helps!