Add 'Slipping Opportunities' to Slack Integration

  • 19 October 2022
  • 5 replies

Our business wants to see ‘slipping opportunity’ in slack. Looking forward to seeing that soon.

5 replies

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Hi @prashantpbagga, thanks for posting!

Just to clarify - you’re referring to the “slipping deals” feature that highlights deals that haven’t been contacted in 30 days? So you would like a Slack message that says something like: Slipping deal alert! Marketing package for ABCorp has been inactive for 30 days

Our native Slack integration can’t currently do this but I do think it’s a great suggestion. Would it be ok if I convert this Question into an Idea so that it gets forwarded to the product team?

It might be possible to set up this alert through a tool like Zapier. Let me know if you’d like to explore that route.

Yes! you got it. It could also be an automated weekly report in slack that mentions all the slipping opportunities. I will leave it to the product team to pick what makes more sense. Let’s convert it into an Idea and pass it along to the product team.

Also it would be great to see a view of slipping opportunities in the dashboard. Since Copper doesn’t have it today, we created our own using Coda. Check out the screenshot. 


Yes, I tried Zapier but wasn’t able to figure out. Do you mean we can create the slipping opportunity Slack alert today in Zapier? If yes, I would love to get it set up.


Update: I found that Copper defines Slipping Opportunity as an inactive opportunity that considers both opportunity creation date as well as last connected date. 

While looking at inactive opportunity based on opportunity creation date is valuable, we are more concerned about last connected date. We call them Overdue Opportunities. 

For example: Limit = 30 days

Inactive Opportunity based on Opportunity creation Date = 0 interactions to date. Opportunity created more than 30 days ago. 

Inactive Opportunity based on Last Connected Date OR Overdue Opportunity = 12 interactions to date. Last Connected more than 30 days ago. 

I hope this clarifies the requirement. 

Instead of loosely defining an inactive opportunity we can maybe come up with better naming.


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Hi @prashantpbagga, hope you had a good weekend!

That Coda table looks awesome - I forwarded it to our product team as an example of how some teams might want to use the inactive days or slipping deals feature.

As for Slipping Deals, it does mark them based on the number of inactive days, which is defined by the number of days between today and the last time an Activity that counts as an Interaction was logged. But as you mentioned, if you have an opportunity that has zero interactions and is older than 30 days, then it will mark that too, because there technically have been no interactions in the last 30 days.

As for Zapier, this is what I would try:

  • Trigger for Updated Opportunity in Copper
  • Filter for only continue if Inactive Days exactly matches 30
  • Send Slack message

You can add more criteria to the filter to make it more precise.

Thanks Michelle! We have incorporated the Zapier automation. Looking forward to get the inactive opportunity directly from the Copper Slack integration.