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  • 30 May 2023
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Hi there,

We are using your API’s to sync with our .NET Core WEB APP.

We want to link People and Opportunities together. SO can you please tell me what is the common property between them. I checked the Opportunities and People Object, they have assignee_id. Can I use it for mapping these two entities? Please suggest me the best way to connect these entities. 

Hope you can shed a light on me about this.

Thank you.

3 replies

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Hi @Kapil, thanks for posting! As I mentioned over DM, I’ve submitted a ticket to put you in touch with our technical folks who know more about the API than myself and most of us on the Community forum. You’ll hear from them through email shortly.

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Are you saying you're trying to relate them? Assignee ID shouldn't have anything to do with this. Trying to understand what you're asking for.

There's a relate people to opportunities endpoint and you'd connect the people ID to the opportunity ID and you can do search for person ID by person email if you need the person ID.

Honestly can't understand what you're asking to accomplish though, any chance you can include screenshots or re-explain? Happy to help if so!

Hi @Kapil,


If I am understanding your question correctly, you would need to link the "Person" and "Opportunity" at the time of creation of the Opportunity. 

When creating the Opportunity from your .NET Core Web app you would need to pass the "primary_contact_id" field.

FYI the  "primary_contact_id" field denotes the unique identifier of the Person who is the primary contact for this opportunity.


Hope this helps!