Copper + Square Integration - Are you supercharging your invoicing?

  • 13 July 2021
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Our new native Square integration not only helps increase internal communication but also allows companies to take care of customers and get paid faster. Users can quickly send invoices from a single view in Copper and easily access payment and financial history for visibility across sales, customer success and accounting teams.

We’ve rounded up the key benefits of Copper + Square, direct from our customers: 

:heavy_check_mark:Removes the bottleneck from the finance dept. — Sales/accounts teams can now get invoices out the door and own this process in Copper.
:heavy_check_mark:Real-time payment statuses of invoices can be shared with sales/accounts in Copper automatically to frame customer conversations better, so collecting cash becomes a team sport.

:heavy_check_mark:Streamlines the invoice processing workflow to bring payments through the door faster.

So how does this look in the real world? Consider this customer from a craft beer business who's been using Square + Copper:

Due to the pandemic, this team pivoted to accommodate a B2B model. They use Copper + Square paid plan to provide the sales team with key financial insights on a customer-by-customer basis, providing an opportunity to create customer segments in Copper using valuable metrics from Square (like invoice status).

A big pain point for this team has been lack of visibility around account health, and the Square integration allows team members to understand the best performing accounts in a couple of clicks and surface the lower performing ones, so some time can be allocated to account growth. Talk about efficiency :raised_hands:

Lets us know your thoughts and questions below - where do you see Square fitting into your Copper ecosystem? How is your team invoicing today?  

Learn more about the Square native integration to start simplifying your invoices!

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