Why Was The "Home" Tab Removed

  • 21 October 2022
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Hi there,

We used Copper back in the day and have now come back to it. I notice that the “home” tab which used to display a nice and clean snapshot of things like opportunities, tasks due, calendar etc etc has now been removed completely. I am curious as to why this has been done and what has been gained by removing it completely (I get it for detailed reports that it is not a alternative for the detailed reporting tab but for the quick glance of where things are at for your day) and what is planned to replace it, particularly for those “daily” snapshots?




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Hi @Bullan thanks for posting. You are correct that there used to be a “Home” or “Dashboard” tab that you landed on after you logged in. We’re looking at making some major improvements in that area, and as a result the existing "Home" page is no longer available to new customer accounts.

We’re totally open to feedback on how a new-and-improved homepage should look and feel, so feel free to submit any Ideas you might have for it. We also regularly add new improvements to the platform, so I recommend subscribing to our biweekly Product Updates!