Why are custom reminder times for tasks limited to 30 minute increments?

  • 22 March 2022
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I must be missing something. Why can I only create reminders in 30 minute increments for a task? If there is an option for “custom,” should I not be able to customize the time?


In the below example, I have a task that is due at 1PM. I would like a reminder 5 minutes before to get it done. Why can I not do this? 


ALSO -- I am unclear if this reminder will be an email notification or a ping notification on my phone (which is what I want). 



3 replies

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Hey @cae787,

You are correct that reminders are currently only available in 30 minute increments and I can see why being able to set your own time between those increments could be beneficial. If you’d like, I can convert your question into an idea so that our product team sees it.

Also, regarding the notification, you should be receiving an e-mail, a mobile notification, and an in-app notification as well. 

You can see these notification settings in Settings > Notifications (Under Personal Preferences) > Reminders.


Let me know if you have any other questions, and also let me know if you are okay with me converting this question into an idea instead!


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Hi Ashtar!


Yes, please convert this to an idea! I would love to be able to customize those time reminders. I would also like for the notifications times for task reminders to be pushed to the automatically generated google calendar events. That would fit very well into our existing workflow as we manage our time in the calendar already. Maybe that could be an optional setting?


As to the reminder setting information you provided, I will make sure all our settings are adjusted on the mobile app. Thanks!


Last thing, is there a way to manually sort tasks by dragging that can be enabled? Or color coding? I process tasks visually and would love to be able to either re-order tasks manually or highlight the ones I need to prioritize. I use Trello for my task management now and want to move over into Copper officially, but am reluctant to let go of those visual sorting features.


Thanks again for your help!



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I might have to reformat your post to include all the ideas that you have in your last comment into the first comment if that’s okay?

Also, some default things I see as far as prioritization of tasks and making one task distinct from another is the use of “sort by due date” and favoriting certain tasks.

One regular, one favorited.

You can also go into the settings for tasks and customize the columns to include “Priority”. Then choose from the following options: 

If that isn’t customizable enough for you, one other possible workaround/solution I came up with is to create a custom number field for tasks called “Custom Priority” (or whatever works for you), add it to your columns in tasks and just sort by that.



Sorted by Custom Priority

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention is that you can drag tasks around if they’re a part of a project. 

Dragging Task “Test 1” to below “Test 2” in To Do.

Hope that helps, and let me know if I’m good to edit/reformat the initial post with all the ideas you’d like to see for tasks?