What's the recommended approach for logging event attendances?

Like many companies these days, we’re putting on virtual events and are trying to understand how best to log attendances in Copper to make it easiest to:

  1. Log them (e.g. batch logging required), and
  2. Analyze them over time (e.g. see who might be dropping off)

I’ve tried a few options:

  1. Multi-select Custom Field. The problem: non-admins cannot add new values, so they’re having to ask Admins everytime a new event needs added (this is often). Poor solution: make them admins + give them access to way more than necessary (including emails between CEO + board members).
  2. Setup events as Projects. The problem: can’t filter the People directory based on projects.

This seems like a critical feature of an app built around building relationships, but I’m struggling to see the best way to do this.

How does the Copper team log their own customers when someone attends a webinar, for example?

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