What are you most excited to accomplish with Copper in 2023?

  • 19 January 2023
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Hello Community! 

A new year is upon us and we’re excited to continue to engage with our Copper community and hear what you have to say in 2023. 

We’d love to hear what you’re most looking forward to this year and what you hope to accomplish with Copper. Share your answer by commenting below ⬇️

2 replies

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@alex As someone working with a few copper customers, do you have any insights you’d like to share?

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I'm most looking forward to the upcoming v2 of List Views (if it ends up shipping this year). I think that across the platform (Leads and Opportunities primarily), will be a game-changer for some of the operational workflows that we build out for customers.

Saved views is how we currently map processes for moving leads through important steps in the process, so being able to supercharge that with a better UI/UX + functionality is what I'm very much looking forward to this year. Will be a game-changer for all of our current and future customers.


@alex As someone working with a few copper customers, do you have any insights you’d like to share?

The biggest insights are probably around keeping the CRM clean and organized. Most people we speak to have a CRM that they describe as "unorganized, messy, with tons of contacts (duplicate contacts on their phone from the CRM, etc.)". It's interesting how important process is to having a clean CRM.

Having a plan and strategy around what happens to new leads, what should you do to engage them, and when should you actually convert them to a person/company/opportunity for keeping the CRM clean with only qualified people/companies (opportunities) along with important vendors/partners.

Along with that, we are also seeing that companies don't often understand the value to be had with automation. Once you have the foundation and repeatable processes in place amongst the entire team, that's where you can start say automating the email outreach at certain points of the lead outreach process, or automated onboarding emails when a new customer is hitting each stage in the process.

Even integrations seem to be missed in what their potential is. Just being able to view say a QBO invoice from within Copper is one way to think about QuickBooks integration. The way we like to describe it is "process integrations", so how about when an opportunity hits a certain stage in the sales pipeline, they are automatically created as a contact within QuickBooks and then an invoice is automatically generated and sent to the customer?

Process-focused integrations are meant to actually save the team time in the repeatable work they are doing. And you can do all of this with Copper, custom automation can be built, you don't need to move to a kludgy tool like Salesforce for example to "get the integration you want".

So a lot has just been educating customers on that, and once it clicks in their mind, is when we get to build the coolest stuff with Copper.