User tag dropping off when typing a comment on Android


Is there a known issue with the android version of the app, whereby when another user is tagged followed by a written sentence, after a certain number of words the tag “deactivates” and reverts to standard text.

e.g. @JohnSmith one two three four five six


John Smith one two three four five six

This is really frustrating.


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Hi @Edward Nash, thanks for posting! I see you got in touch with my colleague Irene on the support team about this, and you two were doing some troubleshooting. I’ll let you continue the conversation with her - looks like she’s waiting for hear back from you. Thanks Edward!

Hi @Michelle from Copper 

This issue has gotten worse now and previously the workaround was applying the tag at the end of a comment, however it now “drops out” so the tag momentarily appears and then reverts to text, preventing the user from being able to tag at all.

Is this a known issue or an isolated one?