Unsyncing from Mailchimp Audience via Copper

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Is it possible to unsync a Contact from a Mailchimp audience through Copper?

Or can this only be done manually through Mailchimp?

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Hi @samrm! This depends your integration settings.

The automatic sync option syncs all contacts, so there’s isn’t a way to “unsync” a specific contact if that’s how you’ve set up the integration.

On the other hand, the “Only People that I Choose” option syncs only Copper contacts for whom you’ve checked the “Sync to Mailchimp” checkbox. And you can un-check that box if needed.

This is what that checkbox looks like:


If you’ve got automatic sync set up, you might want to consider switching it to the “Only People That I Choose” option. To do that, you’ll first have to reset your sync.

Then when you go to set up it up again, you’ll now see an option for “Only People That I Choose” - this is what creates that “Sync to Mailchimp” checkbox.


We have full instructions and videos on how to do the setup here.

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Hi Michelle, thanks for getting back to me.

For setting a “Customize Sync” rule, would it apply to all People, or is it only applied on a per Person-record basis?

I just want to understand how to direct my colleagues to make use of this feature.

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Hi @samrm, the Sync Rules are the general rules for how you want all your contacts to be synced. So you create one set of Sync Rules for the whole system, not for each contact. Those rules are how you tell the system which contacts to sync for you. There’s two components to this:


Automatic/manual sync aka “All People” vs “Only People that I Choose” :

  • If you choose “All People,” it will sync all the People from Copper into Mailchimp automatically. I.e. no picking and choosing. This is a blanket rule that says: put everyone in Copper into Mailchimp!
  • If you choose “Only People that I Choose,” it creates a checkbox on each Person, and it will only send that Person to Mailchimp if that checkbox is checked. So that setting is 100% pick-and-choose. This is a good option if not everyone in Copper should be added to Mailchimp.


Sync direction “One-Way” vs “Two-Way”

  • If you choose “One-way” sync it will send contacts from Copper to Mailchimp only. It will not send contacts from Mailchimp to Copper.
  • If you choose “Two-way” sync in will sync contacts in both directions.


You can combine the automatic/manual sync options with the sync direction. For example:

  • If you sync “All People” using a “Two-way” sync, this means everybody from Copper gets automatically pushed into Mailchimp, and everyone from Mailchimp automatically gets pushed into Copper. So your contact lists in Copper and Mailchimp will match up.
  • If you sync “Only People that I Choose” with “One-way” sync, you’ll get a checkbox on your Copper contacts. When you check that box, only then will it will send the contact to Mailchimp. And if someone gets added directly to Mailchimp instead of Copper, nothing happens because the sync only works from Copper to Mailchimp, not the other direction.


Hope that helps!