Trying to capture specific interactions within a timeframe

  • 7 March 2023
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I am wanting to monitor if a specific group of users has increased interactions with customers within a timeframe and write it to a report/insight/kpi kind of metric. 

For example we know we have a sample of customers who are not as interactive with us as we would like. We have challenged our Sales Managers to engage them more over the next quarter. Short of looking through Activity and counting sales manager interaction while excluding emails from others in our organization like billing, etc. 

Is it a matter of creating a CF, writing automation? But would would triggers be? 

Is there an out of the box thinking I haven’t thought of? 



Best answer by Chris from Copper 12 March 2023, 01:26

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Hi @Jodi , thank you for reaching out!

I recommend using the Reporting Template “Activity Touchpoints by Company & Opportunity” this out-of-the-box report will give you insights into the activity conducted with each of your key companies of focus.

You can manipulate the report by updating the filters, I recommend adjusting the “Date Range” to view activities within the past month, and adjusting the “Activity Company” filter to match the key companies that you are focused on.

*Note, set the Filters while in edit mode to save them. If you are not in edit mode, the filters will not save for your next session.

After you feel comfortable with the default view, here are some resources to learn about customizing reports in Copper. I recommend attending the Live Reporting Webinar or reaching out to Support Chat in App to get direct support from the Copper team.

Reporting Resources:
Reports in Copper: An Introduction

Reports: Setting up a Dashboard

Reports: Creating a custom insight
Live Reporting Webinar - Ask your questions live with a Copper Expert