Trouble with Tasks and Opportunities

  • 24 March 2023
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So… apparently, every task you set up for a contact automatically shows up in the Related Tasks for every Opportunity associated with that contact…!!! This is nuts. I have used different CRMs and never has this issue. I just installed Copper and found all sorts of Tasks showing up under opportunities that have no relation to that Opportunity, due to this unfortunate design flaw in Copper. 

Does anyone else experience this issue??? Any workaround? 

I really want to be able to create Tasks that can be set up as specific to an Opportunity and related to a Contact (without that task then showing up on all the Oppty associated with the contact)!!


I want to be able to create a Task for a Contact and be able to choose which, if any, of the Opportunities related to that contact it shows up under…!!!

2 replies

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Tasks logged on contacts flow up to Opportunities and Companies that the person is related to. This is normal.

If you want a task only to show up on an opportunity, then create the task on the opportunity.

If you don't want tasks assigned to the contact to show on the opportunity, remove the contact from the opportunity.

The current way it functions is more interconnected, so tasks assigned to people don't fall by the wayside (which will happen more often if tasks assigned to people were totally siloed and didn't roll up to their company or the opportunities they are connected to).

The same holds true with activities (emails/phone calls/etc.) in that they are tied to the person record and roll up to any opportunities/projects/company that person is related to.

@alex   Does this function still work for you?

I always liked that if I had multiple people nested within an opportunity, I could see all of their individual tasks by viewing the opportunity.

e.g. Jim: Follow up with Legal.  Bob: I.T. Security Review.   Sally: Procurement Negotiations
They would each have individual tasks, but if I clicked on ABC Company, I could see them all listed.

I’m not seeing that behavior any more.  The Opportunities in my instance seem to only show tasks related directly to the Opportunity and not the associated People.