Team Visibility Settings Issues

  • 14 June 2022
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Copper does not allow regular users, (i.e. non-system admins such as junior sales reps), to mass upload a CSV. list of prospects. This feature is only available to system admins. Non-system admins also cannot access the “new” reports feature, so they have no access to their activity logs, meetings booked, etc.


The only available option is to either make junior reps system admins (giving junior reps full access and the potential of accounts being deleted, or altered, etc.) OR to limit their ability to only view accounts that they are the Owner for. 


The second option to limit their ability is also a terrible solution because they won’t be able to see if an Account is already in the system, or if the account is under someone else’s ownership. This limitation will result in duplicate accounts being added to the system along with other issues. How is one supposed to cross-reference anything.


What is the point of the “teams & visibility” settings? As of right now, it’s either I make all my junior reps a system admin, or I give them the ability to alter data that they do not own. This is a serious workflow and data security issue for any sales team. 


There’s also no live help with Copper and the Technical support says to post to this forum in hopes their dev team actually cares. I look forward to the feedback. 

3 replies

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Hi @Sales reps everywhere, thanks for posting! I can understand your frustration. But good news - non-admins actually CAN import data! 

I see you’re the Account Owner for your Copper system. If your regulars users are telling you they don’t see the data import option (Settings > Manage Your Date > Import Data), then it could be because of your Team & Visibility settings.

If you’ve set up a Team, you might have delete/import blocked in your Team settings. Go to Settings > Team > Visibility & Permission. Do you have Team Permissions enabled and a Team set up? If so, click View on that Team and take a look at their Access & Visibility. If you have the Delete option un-checked, it also blocks them from importing. 

Deleting and importing are bundled together in the permissions. If you’re looking to have them separated I can forward that feedback to the Product team, but we do not have an immediate solution for it.

Also make sure everybody is in a team. Otherwise their access will be limited. It’s quite common to have one Team with stricter access rules and another with access to everything.

Just to be sure, I also did a test import as a regular user on one of my demo accounts. I didn’t have any trouble. So I recommend you check on the item above and then let me know if your users are still having trouble.


You also had this question:

What is the point of the “teams & visibility” settings?

Teams & Visibility allows you to block/enable access on a more granular level for groups of users. For example, I could have a Team with Sales reps. I can block them from seeing any Opportunities that they don’t own, or I can block them from seeing my non-Sales pipelines. Or I can give them view-only access to another Pipeline. 

In this example we have blocked the Sales Reps from accessing the Business Development Pipeline.

Building on that example, you might have Team for your Sales Reps who only need to see records that are relevant to them. And you might have a Team for the Executives who want to be able to see all records.

This is different from being an Admin; Admins are able to make changes to your actual Copper setup (e.g. creating/editing Pipelines, custom fields, inviting users, etc). Teams control what records regular users have access to.


Oh one more thing!

There’s also no live help with Copper

In the Copper web app, you should see a little pink icon in the bottom right that opens up our live chat - is it not appearing for you? Let me know and I’ll have our team take a look.


Hope that helps!


Hi Michelle - I really appreciate the quick reply. I did already touch base with a Copper rep via Chat before posting to this forum, and they advised I revert to this forum for help. 


do have the team set up and the settings configured to our firm’s policies (view vs edit). That being said, if I were to check the box that says “Delete” next to both “People” and Companies” in the Team Settings, granted this will enable the regular users access to the import feature, doesn’t this also allow the regular users access and the ability to delete records they do not own??


Keep in mind we need our reps to view “Records Owned by the Team” and NOT just limited to their own records. The reason why is because sales reps need to double check the CRM to ensure a lead/person/company is not already added to the system, or belonging to someone else on the team. If I limit their viewing potential, they won’t be able to cross reference records they do not own. This is a standard practice for any sales team. 


How do i give my regular users access to “view” all records on a team, but still limit their ability to “edit” records they do not own. Is there a solution for this? 

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@Sales reps everywhere gotcha, thank you for the clarification.


How do i give my regular users access to “view” all records on a team, but still limit their ability to “edit” records they do not own. Is there a solution for this? 

Unfortunately Teams does not currently offer this level of granularity. The only Permission that works with Ownership is visibility, as you mentioned. All other functions - including Edit - can only be turns on/off for a Team, without any dependency on who owns the records.

I really appreciate the way you’ve explained your use case so I’d love to forward your comments to the Product team for future consideration. I’ve summarized your suggestions below - could you confirm they are correct?

  • Ability to apply different Edit and Delete permissions based on who owns the record. E.g. users can only Edit records that they own. As you mentioned, we can currently only block visibility based on ownership.
  • Separate the permissions for Delete and Import. E.g. allowing a Team to Import new records, but blocking them from deleting any records that are already in Copper.