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  • 29 May 2022
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Can I use multiple emails?  Do team members have to have the same email url?


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Hi @Alan Reid, thanks for posting! And my apologies for the delayed reply - we were off for the American Memorial Day yesterday.

As for your two questions:


Can I use multiple emails?

Each user is associated with one email address. You’re not able to add additional emails to a user - you would have to assign them a separate Copper licenses. You could set up that other email address as an alias of the one connected to your Copper account - this means you’re receiving emails to and from that other email into your primary email address.

Copper will sync emails sent to and from your aliases as long as:

  1. Your primary Gmail address is the one you used to sign up for Copper.
  2. The sender, recipient, or someone who is cc’d in that email chain is saved as a Lead or Person in Copper.

More details on that here.



Do team members have to have the same email url?

Nope! Your users can have a mix of different domains in their email.



Let me know if that helps! :)