Tasks completing on their own

  • 14 March 2023
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While on the “Tasks” tab, I drill down into opportunities to complete the task.  When I click back on the “Tasks” tab to complete the next task, 3-4 task unrelated to the task I just completed show a checkmark in the “completed” box.  I’ve done this 4 or 5 times now with the same consistent result.  If I hasn’t returned to the “tasks” tab, I’m afraid these may slip through the cracks.  I was able to uncheck them so they are showing undone, but I can’t rely on that being the process.

2 replies

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Hi @michfitkid , thank you for posting your question into the Copper Community. 

When a task is completed, it should only complete the single task. It could be possible that a workflow automation is setup to complete a task based on a trigger.

Can you please check if there is a workflow automation setup in your Copper?
Navigate to Settings → Automation → Workflow Automation → Check for Active Workflow Automations


This is not being triggered by automated actions.  As I stated, the tasks showing up in the tasks tab after drilling down are unrelated to the opportunity or company I’m drilling into.