Tag People Who Have An Opportunity in a Specific Pipeline, so we do not contact them regarding the same product

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I have a problem with our marketing department.


They are sending emails about a product that our sales reps are already talking to them about.


Is there a way to automatically tag the “Primary contact” of an opportunity whenever an opportunity is created in a specific pipeline, so that our marketing team doesn’t email them about the product they are already engaging with our sales reps about?


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Totally, you'd set up an automation (in something like Zapier) with the following:



Copper - New Opportunity Created

Filter (Continue If):

Copper Opportunity Pipeline = Specific Pipeline


Copper - Update Opportunity Primary Contact (Append Tag) with whatever tag you'd like.


Hope this helps!

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That worked like magic! I did have to fool around with the last Action step to make it lookup the email address and find the primary contact of the opportunity, in order to tag them. 


Here it is:




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Awesome to hear! Yep, makes sense. Just to add in a few best practices:

Pretty sure you also get the “Primary Contact ID” output from the trigger step, and that’s what you’d use as the “Match by Value” (and you’d change the Match by Type to “ID”) just to be technically more strict, but the solution you came up is nearly identical and totally fine.

Only other thing I’d do is (without seeing what you did in the filter step) is filter out based on the pipeline ID and not the pipeline name, because if you do the pipeline ID, and someone on your team changes the name of the pipeline in the future, it’ll still work great.

If you’re filtering to “continue if the pipeline name equals the pipeline name”, then it’s temperamental (we never recommend doing this) because a pipeline name tweak will totally break the automation (and you’ll never notice, because it won’t error out, it’ll just filter out).


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Oooo. Good tip!


How do I find the pipeline ID?