Syncing copper clients to phone

  • 9 March 2023
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I know it’s possible as my boss does it, but he doesn’t know how he did it. Essentially what I want is when a client calls me, it shows up on my iPhone with their name. Can anyone show me how this is done?
Thank you!

1 reply

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Pretty sure this only works for Android, for iOS, you'd need the Google Contacts app but I'm not sure how to sync Google contacts to your iPhone contacts 😅

Maybe take a look at some type of app that can sync contacts from Google Contacts ( to your iPhone contacts. And within Copper, you'd check the box in settings that says "1-way sync to Google Contacts".

Might recommend using a proper VoIP for the business though so that clients don't call your personal phone and so that calls and texts can get automatically logged into the CRM. Once you go too deep down the personal phone number path, it gets quite difficult to roll it back.

Also, most of these VoIP providers natively integrate with Google Contacts so your caller ID would show up just fine for you and all your team, you'd also use the app on your phone.