Switching columns in companies section

  • 1 November 2021
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I was rearranging the columns in the company section to present the information in a certain way when accessing the information about the company. However when my team member logs into their account they are unable to see the changes. How do I make the changes that I did on my end to other users? 


Please help.  

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2 replies

Eg: I rearranged the columns in this order. I have attached the screenshot for your reference. However when my team members log into their account they are unable to view the arranged columns. How do I change it so that they can view it on their end too? 

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@nehakannan16 the customization of columns in the list view are a user level configuration. Changes that you make will only be reflected in your view. There is not a way to configure this on behalf of other users. Those users will have to make the changes while they are logged into their account. 

You can submit this as an Idea so that the product team can take a look.