Stopping Stars/Favorites from Automatically being set

  • 9 January 2022
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I feel like I spend half my time un-starring items in Copper only to have stars reappear when I have not explicitly set them.

Is there documentation on what causes Copper to think I want to favorite an item so I can stop triggering it? Or better yet, is there a way to stop having it automatically assume every time I edit something I need it favorited?

Otherwise, it feels like everything ends up with a star, which then means stars are meaningless clutter on my screen. It also means I don’t have the ability to keep track of my actual favorites because there is no differentiation between the ones I’ve set and the ones that automagically get set.


Example Workflow 1: 

  1. Unstar all items in a list of companies.
  2. Merge two duplicate items
  3. See star magically appear

Example Workflow 2:

  1. Unstar all items in a list of opportunities.
  2. Open one opportunity in the side bar
  3. Edit description
  4. See star magically appear.



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Hi @msmith, there’s a setting that will automatically follow a record for you when something happens. It sounds like you might have it set to follow records whenever you edit them.

To edit this, open the web app and go to Settings > Personal Preferences > Notifications > Automatically follow records when (at the bottom of the page). There you’ll see a bunch of checkboxes to indicate when (if ever) you’d like the system to auto-follow records for you.


Let me know if that addresses your question. Thanks again!

@Michelle from Copper Thank you, that’s what I was missing! I had looked through all the settings, but didn’t scroll to the bottom of the notifications because I thought that was just email/app notifications settings. 

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@msmith fantastic! Yeah, it’s quite easy to skip over. I’m actually going to mention this to our product team as a UI improvement.

I’m going to mark my first response as “Best Answer” so that others can find it easily. Feel free to post any other questions or feedback you might have :blush: