Simple way to filter the owner of a company and its corresponding opportunities

  • 10 August 2021
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We want to align the ownership of opportunities with the owner of that company. Say for company ABC, there are 2 different open opportunities. One is by Copper user Jane Doe and the other is by Copper user Jim Smith. We want the designated Copper owner of company ABC to be the owner of all the opportunities affiliated with company ABC. Other than going through each individual company in Copper and opening up each separate opportunity to see who the owner is, is there a way to run that data into a report?

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3 replies

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Hi @Jennifer Scerbo, we don’t have a way to do this automatically but you could use filtering and bulk edit instead of going into each company.

To do this:

  1. Open your Opportunities in list view
  2. Open your options and filter by Company
  3. Select all the opportunities and use a bulk edit to change the Owner on all of them

I whipped up a quick video walkthrough:


Hope that helps!

Thank you Michelle very much!

It does and leads me to another question - how can I run a filter (easily) of all companies that have open opportunities?  Ultimately, we would like to make sure the owner of each company is the same person that owns all the opportunities within that company.  Is there an easy way to do this other than opening up each company that has open opportunities affiliated and check the owner of the opportunity (ies)?


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@Jennifer Scerbo, there’s not technically a way to filter companies for open opportunities, but you could create an Insight/Report that lists the Company Name, Opportunity Owner, and Company Owner. This would give you a view on where there are inconsistencies.

You’ll see the company Alphabet has inconsistent owners here.


Here’s how to set up that Insight:

  1. Go to Reports (NEW!) > Insights Builder. Make sure you have the insight type Table selected (this is the default option so you shouldn’t have to change anything)
  2. From the data picker on the left side, drag and drop the following data items into the Rows section:
    1. Company Name
    2. Opp Owner
    3. Company Owner
  3. We want to make sure we’re only looking at Open opportunities, so we’ll apply a filter. In the data picker, find Opp Status and drag it into the Filter bar near the top middle.
  4. Name and save your Insight.

Here’s a screenshot of what the setup looks like for that Insight. I’ve highlighted where the data items need to go: