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Although the “Send & Reply from Copper” is ON, I am not seeing a “Send Email” option above the Activity Log when in a person’s record on my desktop. When I pull up a person’s record, how can I quickly compose & send an email from within Copper?

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Hi @Jeff.Weissman, thanks for posting!

Can you confirm if your view says “Log Activity” and “Create Note” like in the screenshot below?

If it’s exactly as above, there might be a bug or issue with your browser. In that case, I recommend you write into our chat support so they can help you troubleshoot.


Or does it say “Log Activity” and “More”?

If you see the “More” option then you need to click it to see the “Send Email” option. This happens when your browser window is too narrow to fit all the options.


Let me know which one it is. Thanks Jeff!


It says, “Log Activity” and “Create Note”

What’s the best way to get into chat support?

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@Jeff.Weissman gotcha. In Copper, you should see a pink icon in the lower right corner.

Please let me know if you’re not seeing this icon.


If you don’t see it, you can also use that chat at


Thanks Jeff!

Yes, found it & am now chatting.

Thank you.