Sending bulk email using aliases?

  • 8 June 2023
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I am wondering if you are able to send bulk emails using aliases?

For example: My main email linked to Copper is but i have and as aliases that I use for different customer segments.

I want to be able to adress my first client group through and the second customer group with etc.


Thank you in advance!

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Hi again @Xinga! :)

Our bulk email function only sends with the email address that’s associated with your Copper account. So in your example, since you registered with, you can only send bulk emails from

That’s for bulk email. We do have a separate feature called Email Sequences on our Business tier that allows you to customize the “From email.”

Here’s how it would work: our Email Sequences feature allows you to build email campaigns and send them out based on a contact’s Contact Type or a Tag that you’ve applied to them. When you go to build that email, you can specify the “From email” and enter any email address that belongs to your company domain. So in your case you can set it to emailtwo@ or emailthree@ depending on your target audience.

You can find more information in this article.

I see you’re on a Copper trial, so you can give it a try by going to the Marketing Tools icon in the purple sidebar. It’ll ask you to select your domain. Then click on the “Sequences” area to start building. I don’t recommend actually sending anything to real customers until your webmaster can do domain verification (this helps prevent the emails from going to spam).

Let me know if that helps!