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  • 3 March 2022
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I would love to hear how any Executive Search Firms are using Copper as an ATS and CRM.

I’m struggling to find the most efficient approach.

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8 replies

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Hi @Kevin St. Cyr, thanks for posting! I’m just asking some teammates if they’re worked with any customers with this use case.

Sometimes recruitment firms will use Copper and integrate to an external ATS, and other times they’ll use Copper as the ATS. It sounds like you’re asking about the latter?

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Hi Michelle,

Yes the latter.  I am a boutique firm, low volume, high touch.  I’m using an ATS currently - (PCRecruiter by Mainsequence); however, it is really designed for a high volume staffing firm v. executive/ high level recruiting.  

I ‘ve created some work flows, but just curious how other search firms might be using Copper.

Thank you

@Kevin St. Cyr we are using CopperCRM as a recruitment platform, we would be interested in learning about how you have set yours up. Our company is too small to afford the more expensive ATS platforms.

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We are also an executive search firm too and would love to hear how others are using Copper!  We have taken some ideas from this “best practices for recruiting firms” article in Copper:


Perhaps, we can share what is needed/lacking and how you guys leverage Copper in advantageous ways.

PS I work with @Shane Feldman who commented above.

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@Kevin St. Cyr - also wanted to share this post regarding “Work History”, several options suggested, we are using option #3 logging a person’s work history as an Activity with a custom “Work History” activity type.


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@Lori K  & @Shane Feldman 

Thank you for the insights - there are more resources on the topic (i.e. articles, etc.) than I realized - I will dig in and research.

Overall, I feel like I have a solid handle on the “CRM” piece, and I am on the right track with the recruting piece.  

I’ve created two work flows - one “Sales” with an opportunity created for each job order I am working on currently.  The work flow consists of six stages, open req, candidates presented, candidate interview #1, candidate #2, candidate final, order filled.

The other is “hot sheet’ - candidates in play on any job order - stage = presented, 1st interview scheduled, ect to ‘candidate placed.

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@Kevin St. Cyr @Lori K @Shane Feldman this is a great discussion! Glad to see folks with similar use cases connecting.

If you’re interested, I’d love to set up a brainstorm/discussion with all of you. We could talk through your different setups, what works, what doesn’t work, etc. And from my end I’d love to document those findings so that we can build more resources for the recruitment/ATS space.

Would it be ok if I started an email thread to coordinate?

Sure, feel free to coordinate, we look forward to it @Michelle from Copper