Reply on emails in Copper - where is the content of the original mail?

  • 7 October 2021
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Hi community,

when I reply to an email in Copper the original mail does not appear (as it is in GMail).

Example: customer sent mail with the question “can we have a short call at 3 pm?”

I answered “Yes, of course. Zoom or Phone?”

In my mail the customer cannot see to what question I’m answering..

Is it a bug?



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6 replies

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Hi @Thomas, is this happening only with specific emails or with all of them?

If the recipient is using Gmail, each email reply should show in the same thread like in the screenshot below.

For this example, I sent the emails through the Copper web app.


Hi Michelle,


when I reply from GMail it looks like this:

The mail I’m answering to is included in the “Re:” mail I’m sending.


When I reply in Copper it looks like this (screenshot from activities):

The mail I’m answering to does not appear in the “Re:” mail


“Re:” mails sent from Copper do not show the “original” mail, even not in GMail:

 All mails sent from Copper are effected.


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Hi @Thomas, thanks for the clarification. I do believe that is normal, but just in case I have submitted a technical support ticket so they can double check. They will follow up with you via email.

I’m experiencing the same issue, no ability to include previous email content in Copper app. Pretty important functionality to have.

@James_Alfano I’m in contact with the support now. I’ll update the topic here accordingly.

@James_Alfano I’m in contact with the support now. I’ll update the topic here accordingly.

Awesome, thanks Thomas!