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  • 20 December 2022
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Hi Team.


We’re interested in shifting to Copper as our main CRM but to do that, we need to migrate our data from Pipedrive and Streak (example attached). Could you tell me if there’s a way to automate this fully or do we need to put a lot of manual work in setting up the tables, etc. Is there a way to create our custom fields upon import automatically? 


Thanks for your help!


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Hi @Magdalena, thanks for posting!

It seems I’m not able to access the sample file you included. But to answer your question, we don’t have an automatic way to move data from another CRM into Copper. That being said, most CRMs structure their data very similar to ours, so it might not be as much work as you are anticipating.

Essentially, you would need to have one table for each record type (Companies, another for People, and then another for Opportunities). Usually when you export from another CRM, it will give you the data already in separate tables, and you can do some quick cleanup to make sure you’re only importing relevant data.

As for your question about custom fields - it doesn’t automatically create new fields (which is a good thing; you want to have some control over the process). There are two ways you could tackle it:​​​​​​​

  1. Create all your custom fields in advance by going to Settings > Customize > Manage Fields on Records, or
  2. For any columns that don’t already have a corresponding field, you can create it during the import process.

​​​​​​​I usually recommend option #1 just so that you can double check all your settings, such as which dropdown options you might need.

We’re happy to help if you need support along the way. Our team is available through the chat icon in-app (you should see it in the bottom right corner). We also host a weekly Q&A session that you can pop into with any questions, as well as a more thorough monthly importing walkthrough. And of course, you can also post any follow-up questions here!

Thank you for the response!