Projects - Customize columns headers

Why can’t we add columns in the project section that are related to custom fields?


We can’t do the same thing than with the People, companies or opoprtunities. Please advise?


Somehow, we can only select a few built-in columns.


Thanks for your help


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Hi @Antoine Côté! If I understand correctly, you’re asking about adding new columns to your list of Projects - is that correct?

If that’s the case, you actually can add custom fields there - I’ve added some screenshots below on how to do that. Just note there are certain custom field types that you cannot add (e.g. Connect Fields and Text Areas). But you’ll be able to add the most common field types (dropdowns, checkboxes, numbers, dates, etc).


Let me know if that addresses your question or if you were referring to something else!


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@Antoine Côté no problem, feel free to post any other questions you might have :) In the meantime I’m going to mark my previous response as “Best Answer” so that others can find it easily.