Preventing Copper from relating Gmail marked confidential

  • 20 June 2022
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Hello-- I’m a new user.

Is it possible to prevent certain email and events from being related to a People, Company or Opportunity in Copper? I am seeing a lot of emails for a company that I believe are meant to be confidential. Before I present this concern to my COO, I would like to understand why this is happening and if there is a way to prevent it.


Thank you.

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 Hi @tina likes tacos, thanks for posting and great question!

First let’s talk about why this is happening - Copper’s Google Workspace integration. The integration works automatically in the background any time there is an email or calendar event between a user and a contact in the Copper system. So, you are seeing those items get synced automatically.

Now let’s talk about what we can do in a scenario like yours.


Changing visibility permissions or deleting a record

In general, we believe that Copper is most powerful when everything in it is open and visible to the team.

But if there is a particular Person/Company whose emails should not be seen, you can either delete that record from the system or restrict that record’s visibility.

For visibility settings, you can specify which users can access that record. Just note that Admins and Account Owners are still able to access records even if its visibility has been restricted.

You can also set permissions for groups of users using our Teams & Permissions feature.


Marking individual emails as Private

This will prevent other users from seeing the subject line or contents of the email. This is what they would see:

Note that Account Owners (and possibly Admins, depending on the settings) can still see emails that are marked as private. If you want nobody to be able to see that email, consider deleting from the system.


 Deleting individual emails from Copper

There’s not a way to pick and choose which emails get synced, but users can delete emails from the system.

The email will look like this afterwards:



Setting emails to private by default

We strongly recommend that users keep their emails visible to take advantage of Copper’s features. But users do have the option to set their emails to Private by default. This means that other users won’t be able to see the subject or contents of their emails, only when it was sent and who the recipients are.

A user can do this through Settings > Personal Preferences > Emails Settings & Templates.

Again, best practice is to keep everybody’s emails visible by default and to use the other mechanisms I outlined above to manage exceptions.


Turning off Google Sync altogether

If you want to prevent that user’s emails and calendar events from syncing at all in the future, you can turn off their Google sync entirely.

An Admin or Account Owner can do this by going to Settings > Account Settings > Company & Invite New Users > pencil icon for a particular user.



Let me know if you have any questions! In your scenario, I recommend simply deleting the sensitive contact/companies from Copper. But I’m happy to talk you through any nuances of your situation as well.

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it would be a good product idea to make some improvements here.

even tho emails are marked private, they are shared in cleartext with some external, unknown to us, systems.


my recommendation would be to implement a feature in the chrome extension that:

  1. destination emails in a list are not shared
  2. if body contains words like confidential not synced
  3. if copper record does not exist, not synced


empirically what happens is 100% of emails are synced somewhere. later, creating a lead in copper w/ that email will claim the synced emails.


so example:

I would like to not sync emails to our corporate lawyer. I can’t rely on users to remember to delete.