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  • 3 February 2022
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I’d like to have files uploaded to Copper open in a new browser tab, not immediately download. Is there a way to make that happen?

I primarily upload photos of buildings (JPGs) and business card scans (PDFs).


Best answer by Michelle from Copper 3 February 2022, 15:58

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Hi @cole! Right now there’s not a way to do that. But we’re actually building a feature that lets you preview the file without downloading it. Would that be a good fix for you, or are you specifically looking to get them to open in a separate tab?

I’m going to link the Idea post we have about it, where we’ll share updates. If you give it an upvote we can @mention you in any updates. :slight_smile:


Yes, a preview feature is exactly what I’m looking for - thank you for tipping me off to this Michelle. Do you have an expected delivery date for this feature, by chance?

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@cole Broadly speaking, I’d check back around the end of Q2. It’s part of a wider suite of improvements to how we handle attachments, so it wouldn’t be a quick thing.

The team is investigating another option that might lead to a faster release. It’s currently in preliminary exploration, so I can’t say too much more.

Either way, I recommend you upvote or comment on that Idea thread so that we can @mention you in our updates. :slight_smile:

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@cole We’re started rolling out the file preview function. Take a look - it might already be released on your account! When you click it, it will open a preview in a separate tab. If you hover over the file you’ll also see an option to download it.

If you don’t see it yet, hang tight - it’ll be available to everybody in the next couple of days!

Michelle, Maybe we are a little late, but we still need to download the files in order to be able to see the file. There is not Preview option.