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  • 28 September 2022
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Without having my gmail open, how can I get new email notification from a Copper contact? 

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Hi @BBL, thanks for posting! To clarify, are you asking if you can be notified whenever a contact sends/receives an email? For example: if I’m managing a contact that you’re interested in, you want a notification every time I email that contact?

We don’t currently have a feature that does this, but I do think it is an interesting idea. The closest we have is “following” a record. This will send you an email or in-app notification any time there’s a change on that record. Except for email sends!

I would love to get this in front of the Product team. Do you mean if I turn this Question thread into an Idea thread so that I can discuss it with them?

Has this been added ? It makes no sense that you dont get notified when lead or person sends and email 


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