Moving Columns - company name as first column in Leads list view

  • 26 April 2022
  • 5 replies

On LEADS I would like the first column to be Company but it keeps defaulting to First Name. How can I change that?  It seems that First Name is fixed and I cannot drag it or customize it. 

5 replies

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Hi @mandmoh13, thanks for posting! You’re right that First Name is locked in your List View for Leads. Unfortunately we don’t have a way to adjust that.

If you’d like to leave that feedback for our product team, feel free to post this as an Idea.

Also - just curious - it sounds like a Lead for you is not an individual contact, but maybe a target company that you would like to sign. Do I have the right understanding?

Yes. Our leads are actual companies not individuals. This is a bit paralyzing on our side to not make this change. 

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@mandmoh13 gotcha, that’s helpful to know. Other orgs have gotten around this by entering the company’s name as the name of the Lead. Then, when they identify a point of contact, they’ll edit it to an actual contact’s name. Would that be an option for your team?

Seems counterproductive and a bit more work than should be needed to make a CRM run efficiently. I do not want my team spending more time trying to organize the CRM but just being able to quickly add and convert. 

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@mandmoh13 I totally understand. Leads were designed for keeping track of individual contacts so the setup isn’t ideal for tracking companies.

I have other customers who opt out of using Leads entirely. Instead, they add those prospects directly into Companies, and they change the Contact Type to New Prospect. Then, instead of converting like with Leads, they simply change the Contact Type after they’ve qualified that company.

Leads are great for specific use cases (e.g. high prospect volume, formal qualification process, and different teams working the Leads vs the Opportunities). Otherwise, they can cause unnecessary data division. In your case you also have the additional factor of having entire companies as prospects. Have you had a chance to re-evaluate whether Leads is right for your org?