Modifying a Opportunity Card Field after Created?

  • 8 April 2022
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Hello Copper Community ,

I am wondering, once a field is created, is it possible to MODIFY later ?

At this time, within the Opportunities -> Fields, once something is manually created, I am not able to change the field's values.

Example: I created a "Referral to" category and added our team members' names. However, can i go back into it at a later point to add names as our team grows? At the moment i cannot Click on it to edit.


Thank you for your help,



1 reply

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Hi @Lexie, the answer is yes, you can edit the options once you create a custom field. It’s just hidden in the top right corner under “Edit Custom Fields”

I can totally see how you you missed that - you were probably looking for a Pencil icon I imagine? I’ve had similar questions from others as well, so I’m going to forward this as feedback to our design team.

Let me know if that helps :)