Missing Filters

Many Filters on Opportunities that have existed in our system for many months seem to have disappeared.  I looked in the settings and nothing seems to have changed - “Include in Filters” is clicked on these custom fields, yet they do not show up in the right-hand Filters panel when in Pipelines.


Any ideas on what may be happening here and how to fix?

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Hi @JordanIB, thanks for posting. Just want to make sure I understand - it sounds like there are certain filter criteria that used to show up when you filter your Opportunities. But they are no longer appearing as options. Did I get that right?

Can you clarify what kind of fields these criteria are? E.g. were they number fields, dropdowns, etc?

Thanks so much Jordan.

Yes @Michelle from Copper , you described it correctly.  


The missing filters are all different field types - some are check boxes, some are drop downs, etc.