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  • 4 August 2022
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Many Filters on Opportunities that have existed in our system for many months seem to have disappeared.  I looked in the settings and nothing seems to have changed - “Include in Filters” is clicked on these custom fields, yet they do not show up in the right-hand Filters panel when in Pipelines.


Any ideas on what may be happening here and how to fix?


Best answer by Michelle from Copper 8 August 2022, 16:02

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4 replies

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Hi @JordanIB, thanks for posting. Just want to make sure I understand - it sounds like there are certain filter criteria that used to show up when you filter your Opportunities. But they are no longer appearing as options. Did I get that right?

Can you clarify what kind of fields these criteria are? E.g. were they number fields, dropdowns, etc?

Thanks so much Jordan.

Yes @Michelle from Copper , you described it correctly.  


The missing filters are all different field types - some are check boxes, some are drop downs, etc.

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@JordanIB gotcha. It’s very strange that your filter criteria have disappeared, especially if it’s affecting many different field types. I think this needs to be investigated further - would you mind reaching out to our technical support team using the in-app chat option?


Thanks @Michelle from Copper  - yes it was very strange.  As of this morning, all the filter options have returned!  I’m not sure what happened, but multiple users on my team were experiencing the same thing when they were gone.  If it happens again, I will definitely reach out to technical support.