Merging custom fields in bulk emails

Can I use my custom fields in my bulk emails?

I am pretty sure that I confirmed that this was possible during my onboarding, but now I am no longer seeing the option to pick my custom fields from the “merge fields” menu. 

What might I be doing wrong? 

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Hi @Cecilie ,

Thank you for posting your question into the Copper Community!

Yes, custom fields are available for use in Bulk Emails. Here are the steps to add a Custom Field, if you do not see your custom fields appearing, I recommend reaching out to Copper Support to troubleshoot by opening a chat in your Copper app.


Custom Fields in Bulk Emails:

  1. Compose a Bulk Email
  2. While composing, select the “+” button, and then select “Merge fields”


  3. Scroll or search to find the custom field you are looking to merge.


Kind regards,


Thank you, Chris. I just realized the issue here. 


My custom fields are showing up as Merge fields in the Bulk Email function; however, it’s not showing up when I want to add the email as template.

I was trying to prep a template ahead of a conference next week.

Is this normal or a bug?